LINDS – A provider to Danish agriculture and household.

At LINDS we have a wide range of products with more than 25,000 code numbers. We can offer a well functioned distribution network with 30 sales representatives covering all of Denmark.

We are always looking for new exiting products and new business relations. If you are interested in a co-operation, then you are welcome to contact our Purchasing Manager Kim Lyhne-Petersen:

Telephone: +45 99 92 02 33
E-mail: klp@linds.dk

Company profile

LINDS is a 100% family owned company which primarily deals with goods to the Danish agriculture. With more than 25,000 code numbers LINDS has a wide and versatile product programme that covers from fodder supplement and seed corn to clothing, electrical appliances and everyday necessities to the household.

Today LINDS has a sales force of 30 salesmen, who visit customers in every part of the country. We offer individual customer service and all customers are offered a personal visit from a salesman.

LINDS domicile is located in Vildbjerg which is placed between Herning and Holstebro. From here, all the distribution takes place – directly to the customer.

LINDS is a part of the Lind-group which was founded in 1928, where Gustav Lind sr. got the idea to produce goods of high quality and sell them directly to the customers. The first product was soap that consisted of coco oil and lye, which Gustav Lind, his wife Anna and his brother Ejnar stirred together and pressed to soap in the middle of night. In the day time the soap had to be sold and this was done through visits at households and farms and in that connection it was natural to bring other goods as well.

This was the beginning of the special sales form used at LINDS and which soon became popular. Gustav Lind began to hire people and the company grew. Five years after the founding, the company had 12 employees and Gustav Lind was constantly capable at introducing new goods in both the trading and the production. In addition, he also invested in research and product development and as a result of this the company was one of the first to produce synthetic detergents around 1950.
Gustav Lind junior, only 23 years old, took over the leadership of the company in 1961 after his father's death and continued as CEO until May 2008. Gustav Lind is currently the chairman of LINDS AS.

The company has grown steadily through the years and today the Lind-group employs more than 300 people and has a turnover above 750 million DKK a year.

Today the Lind-group consists of the holding company lind holding aps with 3 companies:
• LINDS AS, that sells goods within agriculture, housekeeping and hygiene
• danlind as, which is the largest producer of washing powder in Scandinavia and is a specialist in producing washing and cleaning tablets
Linie Kemi A/S, which sells niche products within: cleaning and degreasing agents, coolants, lubricants, natural and environmental maintenance, icing, protection products, non-contact articles, aerosols, and accessories.



LINDS AS  |  Blüchersvej 3  |  7480 Vildbjerg  |  99 92 02 33  |  CVR: 21 90 66 89  |  mail@linds.dk